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18 Oxford, MS The Lyric Oxf



//  Origin:  Denver CO
//  Genres: Electronic, Hiphop, Soul
//  Management: Phil Salvaggio, Macy Wilson, Phil DiGiacomo




// Booking: Phil Salvaggio
//Short BioMaddy O’Neal
starts a new chapter with the launch of her new self-titled project ‘Maddy O'Neal.’ Breaking free from the past and stepping out on her own for the first time in her music career. Maddy is determined to become a female leader in a male dominated live electronic genre. Maddy’s rock n’ roll family roots and growing appetite for old-school hip-hop, give her a versatility that sets her apart from other artists in the scene. 

It’s this versatility, paired with her meticulous ear and effortless mixing style that allows Maddy to connect with her audience. By incorporating influences from across the genre board, Maddy’s production are full of melodic overtones, driven basslines, and jazzy hip-hop. Laying her heart and soul out every time she hits the stage, her undeniable passion gives her a massive appeal that any music junkie can relate to.


Management: Mammoth Music Group

Booking: Phil SalvaggioPhil@mammothmusicgroup.com


Press/General Inquiries: Maddyonealproject@gmail.com